Sports, Politics

Hello 30 people,

I really wish I could follow politics, I mean I totally could but it seems to me like people either follow politics or sports and I’ve chosen sports in a big way.

They do share a lot of similarities; both are non stop, daunting  and require an extreme attention to detail if you want to discuss then in public. I don’t know if any of you guys have had the experience of someone really wanting to talk about either politics or sports so you placate them. Then you disagree about something passively and they start arguing and have actual information to fall back on and all I’ve got to say is something rude about their hair when mine is falling out and I’m wearing pajama pants as underwear.

As ashamed as I am to admit this I don’t even think I know where I stand politically. When I did a test to see where I stood in Grade 12 I was a left centrist, but I really haven’t thought about it at all since then. I do know that if someone brings up politics I just agree with everything they say about something because I go by the rule if someone brings up politics then just nod and agree or they get really mad at you.

Don’t worry guys that rule does break if people launch into the old “It’s all a giant jewish conspiracy” or some other weird “It’s because of someone else that I shop at No Frills” thingy. It’s weird that I was exposed to a good golly amount of racism growing up in Stouffville, but almost no anti-semitism. I don’t know if Toronto knows this but there are a lot of people in you that don’t like jewish people. For instance I’ve had a couple homeless guys call me a jew, but like in the bad way. And my first instinct is to correct them but then I think “does that make me terrible” so instead I just yell back “Yes!”. And stare at them kind of unsure of myself, then they look at me confused, then I just act like I have to phone somebody.

Politics is by all means a better thing to follow than Sports because you have an actual say in what’s happening. I guess I should start watching CNN all the time and complain about Wolf Blitzer but that just seems too grown up for me right now. I mean as I’m writing this I just finished calling Crash Holly a pussy for eliminating my character (Count Thugula) in the Royal Rumble.

Thanks I hope that wasn’t too bad, also listen to my podcast with Graham Keay the Sporty Boyz this week featuring guests Bryan Hatt, Eddie Della Sieppe and Nolan Gilchrist;

were also on itunes however you use that and here’s me and Graham’s other podcast the Politically Boyz;

I’ll have a new thingy on Sunday!

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