July, comedy. August, Snoop Lion.

Hey guys,

Last week I headlined Yuk Yuks Toronto, the first stand up comedy club that I ever stepped foot on and a week before that finished out my show at the Toronto Fringe Festival where I got some really great reviews as well as this one;  http://ontarioartsreview.ca/2012/07/08/toronto-fringe-festival-2012/

It was an awesome month and I wanna thank everyone that came out to watch and the people that gave me stage time in my horned rimmed glasses and fedora phase. The people who let me on there shows now are awesome too, but I was very bad back then. I wish the lady who thought my act was to jizzy saw me back then she woulda been all like “My word I have never heard such talk of excrement! I was so shocked that I went through 24 monacles! Good thing I had another millionty in by massive pooner.” TAKE THAT ARTS LADY!

Now I’m going to Oshega to see if Snoop Dogg will become Snoop Lion before my eyes.

Thanks for everything guys,

From Dylan

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