Hockey Lockout


teve Fredrickson wrote for The Hockey News, Hockey Insider and many other hockey publications. He now resides in Collingwood, Ontario where he has a blog

As the NHL lockout rages on for the third time in sixteen years as a fans have to wonder what the future holds for hockey. Already a fringe sport in the United States will the NHL have to relinquish a television deal completely because of their lack of reliability? Here’s another question does writing about this really make me emotionally unavailable?

My wife thinks so. And I think the NHL is going to be just another fringe league on the same level as arena football in 10 years if both the players and the owners don’t realize the limitations of a purely seasonal game such as hockey. But that doesn’t matter to her, because who gives a shit right?

People have been writing about this for years now but you can’t really have teams in Florida, California or any other warm climate and expect them to succeed year after year whether the team is good or bad. You have to grow up playing a sport to truly love it.

Children from Los Angeles might grow up watching hockey but they’ll never know how to love it properly. They’ll never know how to raise two little hockeys cause they’re ignorant to the whole process.

Sure they’ll tell you they know how, then once you’ve married them and had two children with them they’ll tell you that you forced them into this and they want to leave you.

Here’s what you say, you tell her that you where never attracted to her in the first place and just needed to stick your dick in something because goddamn it you’re a man! And who cares if I still hang out at college bars, it’s my goddamn money and I’ll spend it however I want! Is it that big a problem that we can’t renovate the basement for the sixth fucking time!

Maybe the NHL just has to come to the harsh realization that it’s over and find a place to crash for a while so it can get it’s shit together. Maybe the NHL is gonna start working out again and pick up one of those fine misses who wear stretch pants and hang out at the hip bar down the street.

I really really need hockey to come back guys, just help me out here. My wife doesn’t love me and I don’t know my own children. Please Gary Bettman just let me have my life back.

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